Mats Burström and Ruin Memories at CHAT Boston

Mats Burström will be representing the Ruin Memories project at the upcoming CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) conference at Boston University, Boston, MA. The general theme for the conference is ‘People and things in motion’ and it takes place November 11-13, 2011.

The full program of CHAT 2011 is available from their website here.

Mats Burström will give a talk titled ‘Artifactual Memories in Exile: Family Belongings Hidden in the Ground in Estonia during the Second World War’.

Figure: Set of silver cutlery hidden in the ground in Estonia during World War II. Later recovered and sent to the original owner’s daughter who had migrated to Australia. She later gave the cutlery to her own daughter living in the US who at present uses them on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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