Next Ruin Memories Workshop November 18-19, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

The next Ruin Memories workshop will be arranged in Falmouth, Cornwall, at the St. Michaels hotel, on November 18-19 (Friday to Saturday). The workshop takes place on November 18 and 19 (Fri-Sat), and you need to arrive Thursday (17th) to Falmouth. There will be an excursion Sunday 20, those who can’t take part may leave then – the others return Monday (you may of course stay as long as you like at your own expenses!). To get there it is most convenient to fly to Newquay (to UK via Gatwick, and then there is short Flybe flight to Newquay). They fly at least three times a day Gatwick-Newquay. Car/minibus transport from Newquay to Falmouth (ca. 40 minutes) will be arranged. You need to book your own tickets and get reimbursed. Contact me if there are any problems with this. Please do the bookings early to make the tickets as cheap as possible. Another option is to fly to Bristol (maybe some of you can get direct flight there) and then get the train all the way to Falmouth (via Truro). From the station it is just a short walk to the hotel.

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You also need to do your own booking at the St. Michael hotel.The discounted room rate is £69, and I ask people to book their room at their website, quoting CBK “ruin memories” (important!). They will hold rooms for us until October 1. Breakfast, lunch, tea/coffee, etc will all be served at the hotel during the workshop.

Details as to programme to follow; presentation/discussion of fieldwork done this year will be central to the workshop.

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