Bückeberg: 3rd Reich Harvest Festival

Bückeberg: The Life History of the Site for the 3rd Reich Harvest Festival

From 1933 to 1937 the German Nazi Party arranged an annual Harvest Festival at Bückeberg, close to the city of Hamelin. As most, more than one million people are supposed to have gathered there in order to celebrate the German peasant, to listen to speech delivered by Adolf Hitler, and to watch a large military show. To manage this number of participants a special arena designed by Albert Speer was built. The site was intended to be one of the symbolically most important in the Millennium Reich. After the German defeat the arena was demolished and the site was turned into a green meadow. There is still, however, material remains left at the site that bear witness of its history, some quite overt. How has this difficult heritage been handled in the past, how is it regarded in the present, and how will it be managed in the future?

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